The Ultraman (1979) Episode 49:  To the Planet of Ultra – Part 3: The Great Battle of U-40!

The Ultraman (1979) Episode 49:  To the Planet of Ultra – Part 3: The Great Battle of U-40!

It is time for The Ultraman Episode 49:  To the Planet of Ultra – Part 3: The Great Battle of U-40! We’re in the final episodes here and have one more to go after this. Let’s get into it.

The Ultria and the Ultra fleet were on their way to U-40 the last time we saw them. As they’re traveling, it seems like everyone has figured out Hikari’s secret, as even Tobe has started running an analysis through the computer that reveal they are the same person. However, the time for Hikari to tell everyone is not yet upon them but Joneus says it is near. They drop out of hyperspace and find the bodies of Ultra warriors floating in space. Using mechanical arms, they bring a few aboard. Elec and Loto say the people aren’t dead but in suspended animation to protect them from space and that they can be revived with the Ultra Mind. However, Hikari hears a ticking and they all clear up as the bodies explode, blowing a hole in the Ultria.

What in the actual hell, show? Corpse bombs???

The explosion turns out to be a signal as well as an attempt to destroy everyone as the full fleet of Heller attacks! Ultria and the Ultra fleet engage in battle and hold their own as they push towards U-40. On the planet, Amia tries to escape but ends up running right into Heller’s throne room where she is cuffed and held once more. Heller reveals that he has let the fleet break through the first line because he has the Ultra Mind mounted in a defense tower and uses it to start blasting.

Huh. Where have we seen this before? Wonder if George Lucas saw this before writing Return of the Jedi?

Ships begin to fall under the assault and Joneus tells Hikari that it must be the Ultra Mind for nothing else can control energy that far. He also says there is no escape. Hikari doesn’t accept that and comes up with a plan to pretend to crash the Ultria to get down to the Earth. Captain Gondo thinks that is a fine idea and they proceed to go full speed ahead and crash. On U-40, Heller’s men think the Ultra was hit and is going down, not realizing it was going down of its own accord. This is important as it targets the tower with the Ultra Mind and takes it out during the crash.

Everyone else gets out and is fine, but Hikari goes off to the side where Joneus says he must go fight alongside Elec and Loto and separates from his human host and flies off, leaving Hikari alone. The Science Defense Squad regroups and heads towards the main base, shooting their way in. However, it doesn’t take long before they are corralled by Heller and his men and brought to the throne room as captives, albeit still armed. There is a huge piece of glass between them that is unbreakable even with a bazooka so that helps.

No other photos of things this ep so here’s the panther just chilling.

Heller reveals that he has the President all strung up on a sweet looking cross and has a new weapon that can atomize even Ultras. He wants the member of the SDS who is Ultraman to break the glass and save the President, if he can. Everyone looks at Hikari who is looking quiet afraid as he doesn’t have that power anymore and nobody else knows it.

What will Hikari do? Well, you have to wait until the next episode for that!

A relatively short episode, considering it was front-loaded with recap. We got some good space battles and the horrific scene of bodies floating in space which was pretty cool. We also saw Heller for the first time in pretty much forever. It might actually be since he was introduced, which is unusual for a big bad. Normally, you see them all the time as they plot and scheme. Roigar got more face time than Heller at this point.

I might have to break from my usual routine and watch the finale this weekend to get it done as there is only one more episode left and I want to see how it turns out. I’m impatient, what can I say?

That’s all for this time. See you next time for the next installment, Ultra Fans!