The Ultraman (1979) Episode 50:  To the Planet of Ultra – Part 4: Victory for Peace

The Ultraman (1979) Episode 50:  To the Planet of Ultra – Part 4: Victory for Peace

It is time for The Ultraman Episode 50:  To the Planet of Ultra – Part 4: Victory for Peace!
This is it, everyone. The final episode and the final battle for the fate of U40 and the universe against Emperor Heller. When we last left our heroes, the president of Ultra had just been disintegrated and Hikari couldn’t transform to save him because Joneus was out and about after separating.

Even Heller is surprised as he thought for sure Ultraman would appear to help. The rest of the team figures that they were wrong and Hikari really wasn’t Ultraman. On screen, Joneus appears, destroying fighters with the rest of the Ultras. The door opens and more of Heller’s soldiers appear. But Captain Gondo has a plan, which is tossing a grenade into the group and blowing them up and then blasting their way out of the room.

Arming themselves with enemy weapons, the team splits up to do as much damage as possible along the way. They salute in case it is the last time they see each other, which shows the gravity of the situation. Marume, Tobe and Mutsumi are eventually captured. Captain Gondo and Hikari make their way to the Defense Tower where they are pinned down by gunfire from the guards.

In space, Joneus is still destroying ships when Elec tells him to head down to the planet to continue the fight. He heads down and appears just in time to see Hikari falling out of the window after an explosion sent him through it. The two rejoin and Hikari is saved from the fall but knocked out. Meanwhile, Heller reveals to Amia that although the president was disintegrated, his atomic structure is stored on a memory card and he can still be reformed.

Handy, huh?

The SDS members are tied to posts to be executed, save for Hikari who they leave on the ground figuring he’s a goner anyway. Are they using a firing squad to do it? No, they are using the giant monster Makdatar is their instrument of destruction. It’s about to step on the squad when Hikari wakes up and transforms into Ultraman to save them, revealing his secret in the process. 

When you absolutely need to crush some humans, accept no substitutes.

Heller didn’t expect Joneus to attack from the ground and he catches the monster and the fleet unawares and destroys them with the help of Elec and Loto. Seeing his plans in ruin, Heller lifts the city from the planet to fly away. However, the Ultras attack, with Joneus saving Amia so she can restore the President while he goes off to help destroy the city, which kills Heller in the process.

The day is saved and Hikari and Joneus separate for good, allowing us to actually see Joneus’s face. Joneus and Amia take the SDS back in an Ultra ship as they want to make sure Earth is all right. After that, Joneus and Amia leave, despite Amia being in love with Hikari, and say that if great evil rears its head again, they will return. 

And that is that. All 50 episodes of The Ultraman are finished. It was a pretty great ending and quite epic. The gang manages to realize they can’t rely on Ultraman for everything and save the day in their own way working alongside the Ultras. Heller isn’t quite the threat he should be. I expected him to pull off some Belial-esque shenanigans and turn into a giant for the fight. Instead, he just gets blown up. 

We do get a monster in this ep too! Makdatar has a cool look, with giant bat ears and a fur-lined chest apparently. Kind of like a Ric Flair. Unfortunately, Joneus isn’t messing around when he fights it and it doesn’t stand a chance against him. Once Elec and Loto show up, you almost feel sorry for the abuse they’re giving the monster.

I feel like we could have gotten more closure for some of the relationships. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Hikari go with Amia or her staying as I was never really sold on him and Mutsumi. Still, it wrapped things up nicely. Seeing a bit of everyone bagging on Hikari for not telling them he was Ultraman would be nice too.

And that’s a wrap. Ultra Fans! No idea which series I’m tackling next but keep an eye out for it.