The Ultraman (1979) Episode 22: The Mysterious Space in the South Seas

The Ultraman (1979) Episode 22: The Mysterious Space in the South Seas

We are up to The Ultraman Episode 22: The Mysterious Space in the South Seas. 

The team is on vacation at the start of this episode, chilling at the village where Harume was born on an island in the South Seas. They’re having a good time. Marume and Tobe are out fishing. Hikari is going to go swimming and Mutsumi is helping Marume’s mother clean. Ok, so almost everyone is having a good vacation. 

Out on the boat, Marume and Tobe see a strange cloud that is in the shape of a yellow dome. Probably because it is a yellow dome. They head right for it and the boat is destroyed. Tobe makes it into the water but Marume is nowhere to be found! His mother tells them that boats have been disappearing for some time, which is why Marume was out there in the first place as he wanted to investigate.

Floating inside the dome, Marume sees the wrecks of a bunch of ships. He also hears a voice. It’s of a small-ish giant monster named Zamos. It’s crying and just wants to go home and is scared. It puts the barrier up to keep things away but the creature is magnetic so boats are just attracted to it. Marume vows to help it and the rest of the team finds him paddling on a board in the water when they go looking for him.

I just wanna go home!

Marume tells them all about the monster and they all work together to help find a solution. Just kidding. Marume doesn’t tell them a damn thing and is very secretive about it. He stops his vacation to head back to HQ and works on his own to create a dimensional compass so the creature can find its way home. The only one he tells about it back at base is Pig, who can keep a secret. 

Meanwhile, the Captain heads out with the Super Maddock and the team tries to burst the barrier, as they figure a monster might be inside it hiding. Good thinking, Captain! They begin their attack as Marume finishes the dimensional compass and heads back. He arrives just in time to see the barrier break after a tanker crashes into it and Zamos pop out all angry. The monster grows large and threatens the village!

The Science Defense Squad tries to stop the monster after deploying rafts for the sailors on the tanker but aren’t having much luck. Zamos starts wiping out the town with his giant tongue and Marume finally tells the others about the monster. To save the town, Hikari runs off and transforms into Ultraman and engages Zamos. Will he destroy the monster or will he help the scared creature?

Well considering the dimensional compass is still in play, you can probably figure it out.

Not a bad episode but not a favorite. I’m not really a Marume fan to begin with and focusing on him being secretive from his teammates doesn’t really endear him to me. Zamos’ design is cool and it’s nice to have a monster that is incidentally monstrous and destructive. He doesn’t want to do it,  he just want to go home. Not a ton of ultra action in this one either, but after the three-parter, you are going to be hard pressed to top it. At least we got more of Pig, the real MVP of the series.

See you next time for the next installment, Ultra Fans!