The Ultraman (1979) Episode 38: The Great Ultra War

The Ultraman (1979) Episode 38: The Great Ultra War

It is time for The Ultraman Episode 38: The Great Ultra War!

When we last saw our heroes, they were fighting off Gumons as a strange ship rose out of the ice at the South Pole. Amia knows what it is, as that ship is the very one she came to find–Ultria. She flies into it while Ultraman fights Gumons. Joneus tells Hikari to move out of the way and they do, just as the cannons on the ship wreck the monster’s shit, tearing right through him.

Ultria does not mess around.

The battle over, Amia invites the Science Defense Squad onto the battleship to check it out and learn how to operate it. Captain Gondo is confused why she wants them to do that. It’s because the ship is meant for the people of Earth to protect them. I thought it was to take back to U40 and save them from Heller but what do I know? Hikari joins them after transforming back from Ultraman and they all fly back to HQ, where they give the staff on hand a big scare until the captain lets them know who he is.

They set the ship down and go over it (discovering the power source and a handy robot that makes Pig jealous) but they get an alert that enemy ships are on their way to intercept. And it isn’t just a few this time, as their commander knows that they need the whole fleet to take down the Ultria, so that is what they are sending. The Ultria launches and heads towards the enemy fleet, which at first looks like it is just a few ships. As they get closer, they realize it was a formation meant to hide their numbers (apparently from radar too) so they have a big fight ahead of them.

Dark Galaxy? More like Dork Galaxy.

Can the Ultria save the day and defeat the enemy armada?

You bet it can.

Another fun episode and if I had remembered it was a multi-part arc I would have exercised this week and watched this one earlier instead of resting off an injury. The Ultria is a cool looking battleship and a nice addition to the SDS arsenal, especially since the Maddock was destroyed in the previous episode. I’m not sure if they will rebuild it or just use the Ultria for everything so this might be a farewell to that storied craft.

Amia jetted off at the end to go back to U40, which seemed odd since it was taken over by Heller. Hopefully she can help Elec and Loto fight off the invaders but I have a feeling we will be going back there to free them for good. Or Heller will just try to take Earth and humanity will defeat him and save themselves the trip to space.

Liking the design on the Ultra (which made it into the credits, too, which is pretty cool). It sort of looks like Metroplex in battle station mode and reminds me of a few of the ships in Transformers: The Movie. It’s armed to the gills and should make short work of any monster that comes their way, which seems like an odd gift to give since you would think that would mark the end of the series. Instead, we have a bit of a ways to go. So hopefully the Ultria doesn’t get jobbed on a regular basis and they can fight with Ultraman like they do in this ep vs. the enemy flagship. Either way, we haven’t seen the last of Heller and he’s probably going to send something bad at our heroes next episode.

That’s all for this installment. See you next time for the next installment, Ultra Fans!