The Ultraman (1979) Episode 47: To the Planet of Ultra – Part 1: Advice of the Female Warrior

The Ultraman (1979) Episode 47: To the Planet of Ultra – Part 1: Advice of the Female Warrior

It is time for The Ultraman Episode 47: To the Planet of Ultra – Part 1: Advice of the Female Warrior!
Hikari is having some bad dreams about Saturn and wakes up and decides to go take at look at it in the observatory. He doesn’t see anything but Captain Gondo comes in and sees him and wonders why he is up. Hikari says that he doesn’t know himself and leaves, but as he talks to Joneus in his mind, the Ultra warriors is concerned, too. Gondo watches him leave, curious and with some suspicions of his own.

In a few days, it becomes clear that there was good reason for his bad feeling, as a fleet of Heller’s spacecraft attack Earth and do a number on the major cities before the Ultra fights them all off. The enemy is retreating but Captain Gondo declines to give chase, knowing in all likelihood there will be another chance in the future for combat. One of the enemy ships goes down after suffering an explosion. They land and most of the Heller soldiers start to suicide charge them with grenades. One, however, falls to the ground and surrenders because it is Amia in disguise!

Amia tells them back at the base that Heller has a base on Titan, one of Saturn’s moons, from which he plans to invade the Earth. The first attack was just a raiding party. She managed to sneak on a ship and set a bomb to take it down so she could join up with the people of Earth. She meets up with Hikari later and lets him know that Elec and Loto are ok but she needs to get to the base on Titan to destroy it or there will be no saving her people or his. Mutsumi meets with Gondo to discuss Hikari and she begins to tell him that he knows Hikari’s secret, but the captain silences her and says he knows but nobody else should. Smart man, that captain.

Guess who’s back?

Since the Ultria is the sole defender of Earth at this point, the international committee has to decide whether it can be sent to Titan to destroy Heller once and for all. Most of them want to keep it on Earth and Gondo reminds them that they wouldn’t have the ship at all if not for the people of U40, so they should go and help them. Then he leaves for them to decide.

It’s about that time that another of Heller’s fleets is detected on the way to Earth. Not sure why they couldn’t detect the first one and save the Earth from some damage, but that’s the way it goes. The Ultria is scrambled and Captain Gondo takes them into space to destroy the craft before they can get near the planet. They use the cannons first until the Heller ships start using fighters, so the SDS scrambles the Badei fighters to combat them. Amia appears in Hikari’s ship thanks to her ability to teleport. She wants to hitch a ride on the enemy ship back to the base and then teleports onto it. Hikari protests and flies in after her and they are both captured.

Marume and Tobe make short work of the fighters with only the flagship left to fight, but the captain tells them to hold off as Hikari and Amia are on board. He doesn’t have a plant to get them out of there, but he has a hunch that Hikari will manage. The captain of the enemy ship tells Hikari and Amia that he will put Amia on trial for her crimes, but Hikari will be frozen until they reach Titan. He gets shoved into a capsule but uses Ultra-change to turn into Ultraman and guts the ship from the inside out. He rescues Amia and flies out of the ship before destroying it with the help of the Badei.

Back on the Ultria, a transmission from Earth tells them the committee has made its decision and that the mighty battleship should stay on Earth. Captain Gondo decides that isn’t in their best interests and says they are setting a course for Titan instead. General Sakurada is amused by this, even if the other leaders aren’t, and the ship flies off into space to take down the Heller empire once and for all.

This is the first episode of the four-part finale to The Ultraman, and they don’t skimp on the action. While we don’t get any monster action, there’s plenty of ship to ship combat to go around, showing off what the Ultria really can do. The impressive ship manhandles the Hellerian fleet with ease and it’s nice that they used the split feature again so that there was double the trouble for the enemy to deal with. Plus it looks cool. It was nice to see Amia again and that she’s still making bad decisions and running off. Hopefully she got that out of her system so she won’t do it anymore.

That’s all for this time. See you next time for the next installment, Ultra Fans!