The Ultraman (1979) Episode 35: Breakout at Prison Planet Part 2: A Planet is Hijacked

The Ultraman (1979) Episode 35: Breakout at Prison Planet Part 2: A Planet is Hijacked

It is time for The Ultraman Episode 35: Breakout at Prison Planet Part 2: A Planet is Hijacked!

When we last saw Ultraman, he was on the ropes fighting against three monsters and his energy level critical. He’s still that way at the beginning of the episode and Ultraman fades away and the Invaders recover the monsters and take them away, thinking that they have clearly conquered the Earth.

Hikari is brought to the hospital by Mutsumi where he will be there recovering for a week. With Tobe and Marume stuck on the prison planet, the Captain Gondo and Mutsumi are the only ones who can take action when the aliens set the monsters loose on another city. Their defense is short-lived when Mutsumi’s ship is knocked out of the air and crashes into a building. The captain gets her sent to the hospital to the same room as Hikari and goes off to fight by himself.

In the hospital, Hikari comes to and sees Mutsumi in a bed and wonders what happened. He contacts Ultraman who says that he is dying but he can sense that his people are near and might be able to save him.

Elec and Loto finally show up and defeat the three monsters attacking the city, to Gondo’s great relief. Then they flit off to the hospital where they take Hikari to the ship to heal him. He makes them bring along Mutsumi too, as she is in critical condition and needs the help. They do so and get everyone healed and in fighting condition.

This guy looks like a cross between Spout Snout and a MUSCLE figure.

On the prison planet, Tobe and Marume and the others have found the high-powered laser from their ship but having nothing to power it. Running from a monster, they discover a cave and head down to where the command center of the planet is. There they find a power source strong enough to power the laser and then some, not realizing it is actually Ultra-power. That becomes clear enough to them when a monster attacks and they obliterate it with one shot of the laser. Now armed with something that can do some damage, they intend to fight off all the monsters they can.

Meanwhile, Elec, Loto and Hikari do the Ultra change, looking like a great disco band in the process, and head towards the planet to save the stranded patrolmen, defeat the aliens and get the prison planet out of the way before it explodes. Can they do it? Oh come on, there are three Ultras. Of course they can!

A solid conclusion to the two-parter that was basically an excuse to have a monsterpalooza. And I can’t complain about that! It’s basically the same designs as the previous episode but they are some good ones so it is worth seeing them some more. It’s nice seeing some more Ultras show up too as it gives Joneus/Hikari a chance to talk to people about being an Ultra since he doesn’t confide in the rest of the team. That’s something I like about the newer series where one or two people know so the Ultra isn’t going it alone.

We get a new Ultra power too! Joneus shoots green stars out of the green star on his head at a monster to destroy it. Not a bad way to take them down.

We also get an instance of the Captain expressing his concern that they rely on Ultraman too much and need to learn to take care of things themselves as Ultraman isn’t going to be around forever. There’s at least a disc and a half of episodes left though so that isn’t happening anytime soon.

That’s all for this installment. See you next time for the next installment, Ultra Fans!